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The annual Russian-Jordanian Industrial Exhibition will take place for the tenth time in the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Amman.

It is organized by JSC "Zarubezh-Expo" and the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, with the assistance of the International Association of Peace Foundation, the Russian-Jordanian Business Council (RJBC), Ministry of economic development ofRussia and other Ministries of the Russian Federation. The exhibition will be held under the patronage of the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of the Russian Federation. It aims to strengthen and support further the development of the Russian-Jordanian cooperation which was defined during the last meeting in the Kremlin between the Russian President D.A.Medvedev and King Abdallah II of Jordan, on the 12th of March, 2010.

Thematic sections of the exhibition:

  • Oil and gas;
  • Energy;
  • Mechanical engineering industry;
  • Metallurgy; Construction;
  • Transport and technical equipment;
  • Chemistry;
  • Geology; 
  • Agriculture;
  • Water technologies;
  • Security technologies;
  • Telecommunications; Information technologies;
  • Innovations and investments;
  • Medicine;  Education;

The trade and economic levels of cooperation between Russia and Jordan have a doubtless tendency of growth. The basic materials that are currently exported from Russia to Jordan are mainly- wood cellulose, saw-timbers, paper, cardboards, ferrous metals, metal rolling, compressors and metalcutting equipments, cars for cleaning and agricultural purposes, automobile motor transport, etc. Russian companies are ready to participate further in the development and building of environmentally friendly railway and pipeline networks in Jordan, for hydroelectric power stations and oil refining enterprises. Jordan already offers Russian businessmen large-scale projects. In the oil and gas sector, the deliveries of energy carriers are becoming a basic sphere of cooperation.

At the same time, there are other interesting possibilities in other areas like - electric power industry, transport, building and construction, scientific and technical, as well as interaction in outer space exploration. Recently our countries show a particular interest to cooperate in the field of peaceful use of nuclear energy. In the report of the International Monitoring on September, 2010, it is mentioned that Jordan is perceived by world powers as a «safe harbor in turbulent region», which allows to continue easy working out of oil wells and building of the railway connecting cities of Kingdom, to develop tourism and involve foreign investments.

In the education sphere, contacts between high schools of the two countries are increasing; Russia is receiving Jordanian students for studying purposes, however with provided federal grants of 40-50% only. And as shown by the analysis of the Jordanian economy, the reasons that can assist the growth of Russian exports to the area; first, the availability of the "price-quality" pair: rather low prices with high degree of quality, and secondly, the country shows a stable demand for vehicles, road-building techniques, cars for harvesting, power, hoisting-and-transport, metal-cutting, medical, compressor, telecommunication equipment, water-purifying constructions, steel hire, power stations equipment, cables, textile industry equipment, chemical goods, hardware, cellulose wood, paper, cardboard ware. Very wide variety of the Russian goods and services will be presented at Expo-Russia Jordan Exhibition in March..


 More information on participation conditions

it is possible to receive in company "Zarubezh-Expo".

Director of exhibition - Svetlana ZABELINA

Ph.: +7(495) 721-32-36, 637-50-79, 637-36-33

Telephone in Jordan: +962 779937037

 info@zarubezhexpo.ru, www.zarubezhexpo.ru, www.exporf.ru

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